The Best of 2018

Best International Dishes

Jewel of India: Pakora

This perfectly yellowed and crispy snack had a warm and soft inside. The bold curry flavor came out as soon as the judges took a bite. It made them feel as though they were on a street in India taking in the authentic atmosphere.

Inland Hospital: Shish Kabob with Lamb

Grilled to perfection! The vegetables had a snap and the lamb was juicy with just the right amount of Greek flavorings. The judges called it “What summer should taste like”.

Best Entrée

Parsonage House: Summer Risotto with lemon garlic shrimp

The risotto was cooked perfectly! The lemon garlic flavor made the dish light and refreshing on a hot and humid summer day. The shrimp really made a perfect finish to the dish.

Best Salad

MaineGeneral Health: Quinoa and 3 Berry Salad with Local Chevre

The berries gave the dish a pop of color and flavor. The locally sourced chevre incorporated a smooth texture with the quinoa and added a bit of creaminess. The judges were impressed with the level of freshness and effort was made to create a locally made salad.

Best Dessert

Amici’s Cucina: Lemon Shortbread Tart with Maine Blueberries, Lemon Zest and Whipped Cream

A buttery tart held a flawlessness whipped lemon topping. The Maine blueberries and slight zest created the aroma of Maine all in one bit. The judges couldn’t get enough and wanted more after the last bite.